FootballHowie Long Net Worth 2024- Salary, NFL Contracts, Career, and Bio

Howie Long Net Worth 2024- Salary, NFL Contracts, Career, and Bio

The NFL man who entered the room of the fame of the NFL with his stunning career is Howie Long. He is a former American professional football player. This man is considered one of the most successful players in American football. Playing in the defensive end position, he made himself a star player. His average annual salary was around $5 million. But what is Howie Long’s total worth right now? Read this article to the end to find out.

Howie Long’s Family and Early Life

Howie Long came to the nest of his parents on January 6, 1960, in Somerville, Massachusetts. The full name of this man is Howard Matthew Moses Long. He grew up in the care of his uncles and maternal grandmother. Howie has a sister, and her name is Ann Marie Long.

Full Name: Howard Matthew Moses Long
Profession: Former NBA Player
Birth: January 6, 1960, Massachusetts, United States
  • First-team All-Pro three seasons
  • Second-team All-Pro two times
  • Pro Bowl eight times
Jersey Number: 75
Position: Defensive end
College Education: Villanova University
Wife/Girlfriend: Diane Addonizio
Nationality: American
Debut Team: Los Angeles Raiders
Height: 6 ft 4 inches
Weight: 122 Kg
Current Age: 62 years

He spent his school life at Milford High School (MHS) in Milford, Massachusetts. Here he played in several sports, including football, basketball, and track. He excelled in football, earning a place on the Scholastic Coach All-America team as a senior. For the successful career he had in his school life, he became a member of the Milford Hall of Fame.

During his studies at this college, he attended Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania. During his time at this college, he was a member of the Villanova Wildcats football team.

Contract History and Drafted Teams

The beginning of the professional career of this man was in 1981, and the end of his professional life was in 1993. During his professional career, he passed the time by wearing the jersey of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders.Howie Long Career Earnings

In the 1981 NFL Draft, the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders took him 48th overall in the 2nd round. He played his entire NFL career with this team until 1993. After 1993, he did not play for any NFL team.

In the sphere of the NFL, he took part in 179 games. The NFL career statistics of this man are sacks: 84.0 fumble recoveries: 10, interceptions: 2, AV 119, Sk 91.5.

He passed away at the golden time of his career in 1984. With his outstanding performance this year, he led his team to the Super Bowl XVIII championship. He was the golden member of the team.

What happened to Howie Long after retirement?

He dedicated his life to acting after retiring from his professional football career. In his acting career, he appeared in In ‘N Out (1984), Broken Arrow (1996), Firestorm (1998), Dollar for the Dead (1998), 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001), That Thing You Do!, 3000 Miles to Graceland.

Apart from the acting profession, he extended his life to the media profession. He worked as a studio analyst for the Fox Network’s NFL coverage. In his media profession, he won the Sports Emmy Award in 1997 as “Outstanding Sports Personality/Analyst”.

Besides these, he is also the author of the “Football for Dummies” book. This book is to help average fans understand the basics of professional football. The Walter Camp Foundation named this man a Walter Camp Man of the Year in 2001.

Success and Recognition 

He was glorified as part of the team that won the Super Bowl championship of XVIII. He was part of the first-team All-Pro from 1983 to 1985 for three seasons. In those two seasons, he earned his place on the second-team All-Pro in 1986 and 1989. He won the honor of the Pro Bowl from 1983 to 1987, 1989, 1992, and 1993 a total of eight times. He earned his place on the NFL’s 1980s All-Decade Team. In 1985, he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The name of this man was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player in 2000.

Who is Howie Long married to?

In real life, Howie Long is a married person. He chose Diane Addonizio as a sharer of his personal bed. He wed her in 1982. The couple first met during his freshman year at Villanova. Hus’ wife is a very well-respected lawyer and businesswoman. The conjugal life of Howie Long and Diane Addonizio was blessed with three sons.

His sons, Chris Long and Kyle Long are football players. They play in the NFL. Chris is a retired defensive end, and he played for the St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. The middle son, Kyle, as a guard, played for the Chicago Bears and plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Howie Jr., the third son, works in player personnel for the Raiders.

In the past, he had a relationship with Teri Lynn Hatcher. She is an American actress, writer, presenter, and singer.

Salary Details

Salary Table for Howie Long (Approximate Values):

Year Role Estimated Salary
1981-1993 NFL Player (Oakland/LA Raiders) $200,000 – $800,000 per year*
1994-1996 Actor (various roles) $50,000 – $100,000 per role**
1997-2024 NFL Analyst (Fox Sports) $2,000,000 – $4,000,000 per year***

*Howie Long’s salary as an NFL player would have varied over the years, based on his performance, experience, and contract negotiations. The range provided is an approximation.

**Howie Long’s earnings as an actor would have depended on the type of roles he played, the budget of the films, and his level of involvement in the project. The range provided is a rough estimate.

***As an NFL analyst, Howie Long’s salary would have likely increased over the years due to his experience and popularity. The range provided is an approximation based on the reported salaries of other NFL analysts in the industry.

What position did Howie Long play?

This renowned professional spread the light of his magic in the field of football, playing in the defensive end and nose tackle positions. He was comfortable in both positions. On-demand of the play and on the suggestion of the coach, he chose the position of the game. The teams of contractors regarded him as the perfect man for these positions. In addition to favoring his teams, he made his career weighty in these positions. Until taking retirement, he was in these positions.

Height, Age, and Jersey Number

He wore jersey number 75 throughout his football career. His fans could realize that the ball was in the hand of jersey number 75, which meant the ball was in his hand. He made this number memorable to football-loving people. His fans still miss this jersey. In the history of American football, this number will represent him. This man is still alive in the world, and his age is 62 now.

Howie Long Total WorthWhat is Howie Long’s Net Worth Till Now?

Howie Long decorated his table with career awards, titles, recognition, records, and so many successes. If we count the net earnings of this popular American athlete, then we find his total worth is around $16 million. His yearly salary earnings are $4 million. On the back of his dazzling football career, he added his name to the list of millionaires. The vast amount of his property is from his flourishing football career. He earned a lot of money not only from his professional career but also from outside of football.


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