FootballLeRoy Butler Net Worth 2024: Two-Time Super Bowl Winner

LeRoy Butler Net Worth 2024: Two-Time Super Bowl Winner

The professional who has played in the strong safety position for twelve seasons in the National Football League (NFL) is LeRoy Butler. In the NFL, he played for the Green Bay Packers. This man is the Super Bowl XXXI winning player for his team. He grew up in childhood amid a physical problem. This man showed his successful performance in his early life in high school. In 2023, he will be inducted into the Florida High School Association All-Century Team and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let’s know about this magician player.

LeRoy Butler’s Family and Childhood

LeRoy Butler was born on July 19, 1968, in Jacksonville, Florida. The full name of this man is LeRoy Butler III. He is the son of his mother, Eunice Butler. His mother is a secretary and nurse. He finished his school life at Riverside High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

During his college life, he played at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, Florida. At the time of his studies at this college, he played for the Florida State Seminoles football team. As a three-year starter, he earned 194 tackles and nine interceptions.

Profession:                                  NFL Player
Full Name:                                   LeRoy Butler III    
Birth Date:                                  July 19, 1968   
Birth Place:                                 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
College Education:                           Florida State University
Wife:                                        Genesis Jordan
Height:                                      6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight:                                      92 Kg
Jersey Number:                               36 
Current Age:                                 53 Years
Net Worth:                                   $300,000

LeRoy Butler’s Contract History With NFL Teams

LeRoy Butler Career EarningsIn the 1990 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected him 48th overall in the 2nd round. He spent his whole NFK career with this team from (1990–to 2001), spending a decade with them. He earned the Super Bowl ring by leading his team to victory in Super Bowl XXXI. Later, he was an All-Pro four times and the Pro Bowl four times. He earned his place in the 1990s NFL All-Decade Team, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 2007. The injury came into his life as a barrier to a smooth career. Before the 2002 season, he was forced to retire from professional football.

NFL Career Stats:

This man played in the NFL for a total of 181 games. The NFL career statistics of this man are- tackles: 989, interceptions: 38, sacks 20.5, forced fumble: 13, AV 107, Int 38, Yds 533, and TD 1. He was the first defensive back in NFL history to gain entrance into the 20-Sack/20 Interception Club.

Gaining from the football Career

LeRoy Butler Total Worth

LeRoy Butler gained lots of awards during his glorious professional life. He was glorified for playing witness to the win of the Super Bowl champion of XXXI. This man achieved the honor of the Pro Bowl in 1993, from 1996 to 1998, four times. For his excellent career in the NFL, the name of this man will be included in the Hall of Fame as a player in 2022.

  • The other career recognitions of this man are the following: …
  • First-Team All-Pro in 1993, and four times from 1996 to 1998.
  • NFL All-Decade Team for the 1990s
  • The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

LeRoy Butler’s wife and kids

Butler is married in his personal life. He married his wife, Genesis Jordan, in 2019. He is the father of five children. His daughters are Sharon, Loreal, and Gabrielle. LeRoy Butler, with his family, lives in Oak Creek.

Height and Weight

LeRoy Butler played football in the sphere of the NFL in the strong safety and defensive back positions. The jersey number that he wore when he played for his team is 36. The age of this reputed man is 53. This man stands up to 6 feet tall and weighs 204 pounds.

How much is LeRoy Butler’s net worth?

This man is connected with the invention of the Lambeau Leap. It is a touchdown celebration in which the scoring player leaps into the arms of awaiting fans in the stands near the end zone. The net worth of this reputed man is $300,000. 


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