FootballJim Thorpe Net Worth in 2024: Greatest NFL Athlete of All Time

Jim Thorpe Net Worth in 2024: Greatest NFL Athlete of All Time

It will take a long time to narrate the tale of Jim Thorpe’s athletic life. He is a former American football player. From the beginning of his career, he established himself as a star athlete. He set many records in his professional life, and his dazzling career made him famous, wealthy, and respected. Though this man is no longer with us, he is in the hearts of his fans. He still has many fans who are curious about Jim Thorpe’s career earnings. This article gives all the information regarding his glorified life and net wealth below.

Achievement Details (At a Glance):

Achievement Year Sport/Event
All-American Football Team (1st Team) 1911 American Football
All-American Football Team (1st Team) 1912 American Football
Olympic Gold Medal – Pentathlon 1912 Stockholm Olympics, Pentathlon
Olympic Gold Medal – Decathlon 1912 Stockholm Olympics, Decathlon
Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame 1963 American Football
Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame 1951 American Football
Inducted into U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame 1983 Multi-sport (Track and Field)
Inducted into National Track and Field HOF 1974 Track and Field
Professional Baseball Player 1913-1919 Baseball
Co-founder and 1st President of NFL 1920 American Football
NFL All-Decade Team (1920s) N/A American Football

Jim Thorpe Net Worth and Salary Update

He made his professional football debut in 1926 with the Canton Bulldogs, where he stayed until 1917 before returning for a second stint in 1919-1920. After retirement, he became a successful football coach. The net worth of this famous football player is $15 million. His dazzling football career as a player and coach made him a millionaire. His average yearly salary was $3.5 million.

Quick Bio table:

Born: May 22 or 28, 1887
Profession: Football Player
Full Name: James Francis Thorpe
Father Name: Hiram Thorpe
Mother Name: Charlotte Vieux
Brother Name: Jack Thorpe (Football Player)
Position: Running back
School Education: United States Indian Industrial School
Wife/Girlfriend: Carlisle, Freeda Verona Kirkpatrick, Patricia Gladys Askew
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 92 Kg
Jersey Number: 1, 2, 3, and 21
Died: March 28, 1953(Heart attack)


Personal Life Insights: Jim Thorpe Parents, Early Life, Wife, Height…

Birth: Jim took the first step into the world on May 22 or 28, 1887, in modern Oklahoma, United States. The full name of this man is James Francis Thorpe.

Family: His brother, Jack Thorpe, is a football player. He played in the NFL. He is the son of his father, Hiram Thorpe, and his mother, Charlotte Vieux.

High School: In his early life, he went to the United States Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Carlisle Indians football team while attending this college. Here he played in 1907–1908 and 1911–1912.

College Highlights: In his college life, he played in several sports events, including football, baseball, lacrosse, and even ballroom dancing. He played running back, defensive back, placekicker, and punter in college football. In 1012, his team won the national collegiate championship. This season, he scored 25 touchdowns and 198 points. In his college career, he rushed 191 times for 1,869 yards.

Children and Marriage: Jim Thorpe sat through the marriage for the third time in his life. He was the father of a total of eight children.

Jim Thorpe's heightFirst Wife: For the first time, he sat down to marry Iva M. Miller in 1013. The couple first met at Carlisle. Their conjugal lives were blessed with four children. They are James F., Gale, Charlotte, and Frances Thorpe. In 1995, they split.

Second Wife: In 1926, he again sat for the marriage for the second time with Freeda Verona Kirkpatrick. His wife was the manager of the baseball team. Their conjugal life was also blessed with four sons: Phillip, William, Richard, and John Thorpe. In 1941, after a 15-year-long marital relationship, they were separated.

Third Wife: For the third time, he sat through the marriage with Patricia Gladys Askew on June 2, 1945. At the time of conjugal life with this woman, he left the world forever.

Physical Profile: Jim Thorpe stands up to 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 202 pounds.

Football Career Insights: Jim Thorpe Teams, Contracts, Awards,…

NFL Teams He Played For: The debut of his professional career of this man was in 1913, and it lasted till 1928. During his professional career, he played for the Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians, Oorang Indians, Rock Island Independents, New York Giants, Rock Island Independents, Tampa Cardinals, Canton Bulldogs, and Chicago Cardinals. In the sphere of the NFL, he played in a total of 52 games and started in 37 of them.

Jim Thorpe net worth

NFL Contract History: In 2021, he played for the Cleveland Indians. From 1922–1923, he was with the Oorang Indians. He spent time with the Rock Island Independents in 1924, the New York Giants in 1925, the Rock Island Independents in 1925, the Tampa Cardinals in 1926, the Canton Bulldogs in 1926, and the Chicago Cardinals in 1928.

Coaching Career: In his coaching career, he spent time as an assistant head coach with Indiana in 1915, the Canton Bulldogs from 1915–1920, the Cleveland Indians in 1921, Oorang Indians from 1922–1923, and the Tampa Cardinals in 1926.

Won Olympics gold medal: He also spread the Excellency’s light at international events. As a member of the United National Athletes team, he played in the 1912 Summer Olympics and brought honor to the national winner of the gold medal.

Awards: Jim Thorpe furnished his wall of achievements with awards, titles, recognition, records, and so many successes. He was a first-team All-Pro in 1923. He made his name on the NFL’s 1920s All-Decade Team. Jim was named consensus All-American in 1911 and 1912 and was a member of the NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Position: His playing position in the field of football was running back. Being in this position, he gained lots of personal success and helped his contracted team to win lots of matches.

Jersey Number: Until the final match of his career, football fans saw him wearing jersey numbers 21, 3, 1, and 2. Every football-loving person knows him by these numbers.

Jim Thorpe Career stats

1919 Braves 60 156 16 51 25 6 30 1 7
1919 Giants 2 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
1918 Giants 58 113 15 28 11 4 18 1 3
1917 Giants 22 2 10 1 0 0 0 0 0
1917 Reds 77 251 29 62 36 6 35 4 11
1915 Giants 17 52 8 12 1 2 16 0 4
1914 Giants 30 31 5 6 2 0 4 0 1
1913 Giants 19 35 6 5 2 1 9 1 2
Career 285 696 89 175 82 27 122 7 29

Jim Thorpe’s Cause of Death

Thorpe is no longer in the world. He took the last inhale of his life on March 28, 1953, in Lomita, California, the United States. He died of a major heart attack. Apart from his football career, he also shone in his career in the sphere of baseball. This man was a popular face among the baseball-loving people of America. Beyond the athlete’s career, he also walked the roads of the media career. He engaged himself in his film career. In his life, he was a victim of racism.



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